Hind’s impressive debut and series launch, a cyber thriller, makes the most of its opening tease. In 1999 Hong Kong, shortly after the British handover, Lily Wai finds herself and her family in jeopardy. A casual afternoon is disrupted when officers from the Chinese Special Police Group burst into the Wais’ apartment and arrest Lily’s twin brother for “the deliberate and malicious misuse of computer equipment.”

Interview with Queen & Country Magazine Book Club

Author Tim Hind, a former UK intelligence officer who recently came out at 40 has written this explosive cyber warfare thriller, as part of a series of novels based on his real-life experiences. Q&C find out more.

With China dominating the news of late, this novel, the first in the Luke Frankland Trilogy, could be considered fiction on the coat-tails of reality, however, the truth of the matter is much stranger!